What is the approach to curriculum at CHA?

CHA has Christian curriculum that is academically challenging. All courses in each grade level are taught from a biblical worldview.  This is in line with our mission:
To glorify God and assist families by providing a Christ-centered education which inspires and enables students to pursue spiritual maturity and academic excellence. 

We seek Christian materials first and foremost; however, the committees select the best educational materials that fit our goals and objectives for each content area. Quality indicators include: accuracy, supplemental materials, technology, wholesomeness, and educational content. CHA recognizes the value of information that comes from a variety of sources and will remain committed to instruction delivered from a strong biblical worldview.

No. The curriculum is the entire experience teachers provide for their students in order to meet the goals and objectives for the specific grade-level course. Curriculum includes direct instruction, discussion, research, projects, readings, simulations, labs, publishing, presentations, role plays, and assessments.  The books and other materials are the tools used to deliver the curriculum.

Every year, a review of the curriculum for each class is performed to audit and ensure that the course objectives are being met.  On five to six-year cycles, the books and materials that are used as tools in class are reviewed and updated as needed. For each review, a committee is formed comprising CHA faculty, administration, and often parents with a background in the specific discipline. The course goals and objectives are assessed in order to determine the type of materials that are needed. The committee will pull a variety of options, and using an evaluation tool, they will rate each one carefully before the best resource is selected. Purchasing from Christian publishers is always preferred; however, in some cases, materials from secular publishers are clearly superior and are therefore chosen.

No. Historically, CHA has used a mix of resources to deliver biblically-based instruction.

Yes, slightly. STEM is a contemporary approach to science instruction that is found in most every school, Christian and public. It is a deliberate effort to integrate science, technology, engineering, and math in order to develop deeper understanding of the sciences. Students are presented with these topics in a complimentary fashion with a problem solving and creative thinking focus. Although the approach to instruction is new, the foundation of biblical creation science, God’s design, and Christian values are still the foundation of learning. Materials that are needed to provide a quality Christian STEM program are less traditional than a general science program. STEM requires current technology, software advancements, and materials that allow for the creativity and innovative thinking of young engineers.

No. Common Core is a newly-developed set of academic standards that have been adopted in some states by the federal government. CHA is not a Common Core school because we do not follow any type of governmental initiatives in education.

This would mean that the particular book meets or exceeds the standards of Common Core.  Compatibility is typical in materials that are written for specific grade levels.  There is no connection to state or federal standards when CHA makes textbook selections. CHA has ACSI (American Christian Schools International) and AdvancEd accreditation that certifies our quality Christian education; Common Core does not influence the curriculum or the academic rigor at CHA.

Jesus Christ!  The tag line for our school is a condensed version of our mission statement:

Passion for Christ. Education for Life. 

We approach education in that order.  In order to deliver God’s best to our children, we desire to equip them for life. We do this by preparing a new generation of Christian leaders through spiritual formation and academic excellence.