Essential Learning Outcomes are measurable outcomes that define what we expect each student to know, understand and be able to do in each curricular area and at each grade level and serves as the intended curriculum. This framework serves as a guide for focusing instruction and mapping the taught curriculum at the school-level. Elements of the Essential Learning Outcome document include:

  • Enduring Understandings: Statements that clearly articulate the big ideas that promote long term understanding of the discipline or subject area that have lasting value beyond the classroom. These are the important understandings that we want students to retain after they may have forgotten the details.
  • Essential Questions: Focus our attention on what is important. They foster inquiry, understanding, and transfer of learning. They occur naturally and should be asked over and over.
  • Learning Targets: Specify, in measurable terms, what all students should know and be able to do to achieve desired understandings and answer essential questions. These will be identified for each subject within each grade level.