ADMISSIONS PROCESS (after a CHA Experience Day, Campus Tour and/or Visit):

    Family submits online Student Application and Application Fee.

    CHA adds prospective student’s name to the prospective student list for the appropriate grade/year.

          • Registrations are accepted through the year
          • Applications submitted after August 15, will leave limited time to complete the enrollment process before the first day of school.

    CHA administers entrance tests:

          • Gesell Development Readiness Test – Kindergarteners

          • Placement Tests – grades 1-8 (generally administered by a teacher for the student’s current grade level)

    Family submits transcript release form to former school allowing records to be received by CHA

    Family submits teacher and pastor recommendations (7th and 8th grade students only).

    CHA schedules New Parent Meeting – an opportunity to:

          • Discuss why Christian education is important to you.

          • Share how you came to know the Lord Jesus Christ as your personal Savior.

          • Discuss your child’s educational needs and whether CHA will be able to meet parental expectations.

          • Discuss Chapel Hill Academy’s expectations for parents.

          • Ask any questions.

Acceptance by CHA is considered upon completion of these steps. Parents are notified whether or not their application for enrollment has been approved.

Priority for enrollment is determined in the following order:

          • Current family of Chapel Hill Academy

          • Length of attendance at another Christian school

          • brian_wright

            Date online application is received (a completed online application reserves a spot for your child in their grade as you complete the admissions process, your child’s spot is confirmed once he/she is accepted)

Please email me the admissions office at or call me at 952-949-9014, ext. 118 with any questions.

Serving for His glory!

Brian Wright 
Director of Admissions and Advancement