Find your place in our family of families! What makes our community remarkable is the mark of the CHA Blue Crew.

Our deepest desire as a school community is for all students, parents, and staff to know Jesus and be known amongst each other.

The CHA Blue Crew is our Parent Ambassador Group that encourages parent involvement and student engagement and instills a sense of belonging to the CHA community.

From praying in the hallways to working as a volunteer team during school events, the CHA Blue crew exists to enhance the family experience, impact event awareness, and support family to family relationships with all potential and current families of CHA.

Traditional Volunteer Oportunities

School Events

  • Back to School Night
  • Grandparents Day
  • Veterans Day
  • Biggest Baddest Pep Rally

Community Outreach Events

  • Rummage Sale
  • SonRun Festival
  • Ladies Christmas Tea
  • 4th of July Parade

Fundraising Events

  • Annual Gala
  • Golf Classic

How many events am I required to volunteer for?

We encourage parents to sign up for at least two of each type of event per year. Each event will have a chair or lead and smaller groups of committees to support with the event.

When do most committments begin?

On average the timeline for each type of event  is as follows:

  • school events: one month
  • community events: three months
  • major fundraisers: six months

We strive to make all our events well communicated so you know what to expect and what is expected of you. All our volunteers say the event was easy to sign up for, fun to participate, and they’d do it again!


Nina Stultz 
Executive Director of Business Affairs

Supporting and Welcoming Others

Monthly opportunities to engage and assist new families

  • Back-to-School Night & Curriculum Night
  • New Family Welcome Breakfast
  • Jr. K and K Preview Days
  • Re-Enrollment Month Activities

Connecting and Learning

Quarterly events for fellowship and support

  • Chick-fil-A Spirit Nights
  • Coffee with Kassie
  • Parent Resource Nights



Building Relationships and Going Deeper

Yearly events to focus on character development and community impact

  • Back-to-School Corn Feed
  • Family Groups Family Dinner
  • All-School Worship/Service Night