Our family was wonderfully blessed to be part of the Chapel Hill Academy 
family for 9 years. The foundation our children received while at CHA was invaluable as they moved into public high school. At Chapel Hill they learned that this world 
is ruled by a sovereign, loving God. We want the opportunity for a Christian education to continue 
to be available to other children and families, however, we realize that in this current economic 
environment it is often difficult for young families to afford private
 Christian education. Since the Lord has blessed us financially, we are pleased to be able to 
contribute to CHA’s scholarship fund and share the blessing of Christian education with other families. – Anonymous

When we prayed about where the Lord would have us give financially, we both felt a strong desire to give to Chapel Hill. The investment poured into each of our kids by the school is immeasurable. And the impact is eternal. We feel called to give where there is an eternal impact being made for God’s kingdom, and it is such a privilege to be able to give back in a small way to Chapel Hill for the incredible ways the teachers, administration, Board, and other families have poured into ours. We are so thankful for the stand CHA has taken to live by God’s Word and to teach God’s Word in all areas of the curriculum and teaching. What a blessing it is for us to give to a place that has such a high view of God! Thank you, CHA!! – A Thankful CHA Family

My husband, our resident skeptic about the value of private school, said, “This night and Tuesday (the dinner and graduation) just show what an amazing place Chapel Hill is. What an incredible ROI( Return on Investment)!” Our 8th grade student, on the way to graduation [said], “I know I’ll miss my friends and all when I leave Chapel Hill, but I just realized that I’ll never have teachers who actually love me, who really know me and care about me and love God like these teachers do.”– A CHA Family

Enclosed is a one-time donation for your general fund to help your school carry on its mission. This money has its origins from my Dear Mother (Shirley Evans) who loved children and also worked in early childhood education. . . – Virginia, A CHA Grandmother

Enclosed please find a token of our appreciation. Our grandchildren have benefited greatly by being educated academically and spiritually at Chapel Hill. We are eternally grateful to . . . the school.– Grandparents to Current and Alumni CHA Students