Creating a supportive school environment by preparing leaders, shaping futures, and making a difference – that’s the CHA School Leadership Team.

School Governance & Board

The Chapel Hill Academy Board consists of seven to nine parents and/or community members who are voted onto the Board by the CHA Corporation.

CHA families can become a Corporation Member and attend our corporation meeting held once a year to update families and give them the opportunity to vote.

Strategic Goals*

Goal 1: Spiritual Formation

Foster in each student a transforming heart, growing faith, and increasing desire to seek God while increasing awareness and response to the needs of our world with compassion and respect.

Goal 2: School Culture

Provide a welcoming, Christ-like school environment for all students, staff, and families by following God’s Word, supporting spiritual growth, and building both family and community relations.

Goal 3: Academic Programming

Continually build a Christ-centered education which inspires and enables academic excellence and interest exploration.

Goal 4: Advancement

Improve the visibility and actively promote CHA to current families and the community as a service-oriented partner who reflects Christ.

Goal 5: Financial Planning and Management

Practice fiscal responsibility while maintaining and enhancing the quality of our facilities and educational experience.

Goal 6: Communication

Strengthen avenues of communication between school leadership, staff, and families.

*Parents can access more details pertaining to our Strategic Goals in Educate

CHA Corporation Member Details

We encourage all family members to become corporation members.

Here’s how to qualify!

  1. Family uphold our faith covenant.
  2. Tuition account is in good standing

Benefits of Membership include:

  1. Right to vote for board members
  2. Strategic actions that require corporation vote according to the bylaws

Not sure if you are a Corporation member or not? 

To become a Corporation member, contact the school office by email or by calling 952-949-9014 to request an application. When your completed application is received, it will be submitted to the Board for review at their next scheduled meeting. You will be notified by mail of the board’s approval.