School-approved uniforms are worn during school hours, Monday through Thursday. Friday all students are welcome to dress in CHA Spirit Wear.

Uniform Guidelines

Uniform Policy

School-approved uniforms must be worn at all times during school hours

  • Students are to wear tops selected from the CHA School approved vendors.
  • The CHA logo is mandatory for all tops provided by the approved vendors.
  • Students may not create unauthorized M-Th apparel by adding the “Ch” logo.
  • Uniform pants and shorts may be purchased at any store but must be a cotton chino style.
  • The approved colors for pants and shorts are khaki, navy, or gray.
  • Approved skirts, skorts, and dresses are listed on the CHA School approved vendor sites.
  • The approved colors for skirts, skorts, and dresses are listed on approved vendor sites.
  • Jumper dresses must be worn with a CHA shirt or blouse beneath.
  • Uniform vests must be worn with CHA shirt, button shirt, or blouse beneath.
  • Skirt and dress lengths should fall near the top of the kneecap or longer. Mid-thigh dresses or skirts are not permitted (except for skorts) unless leggings are worn beneath.
  • Cartwheel/bike shorts and/or leggings (solid navy, white, black, or gray) are to be worn under all dresses and skirts.
  • Long-sleeved, plain white t-shirts (available on Lands’ End website) may be worn under uniform tops for added warmth.
  • All students are encouraged to have a school uniform fleece or sweater stored in their locker for warmth during the cold months.
  • Girls may wear personal accessories such as scarves, hairbows, or jewelry that do not cause distractions.
  • Socks, shoes, and belts are self-selected. Closed toed shoes are encouraged, and flip-flops will not be permitted for safety purposes.

Policy Implementation

As a Christian body, we strive to honor and glorify God above all else. Following the established guidelines is a way to grow in spiritual maturity; however, there are times when requirements are unmet and a response by school authority is needed. In order to maintain order regarding uniforms, middle school students will be reminded of the policy (first time), and for continued uniform infractions, receive disciplinary measures. Parents of all students (JK-8) will be contacted to bring articles of clothing for students who are dressed outside the guidelines.

Uniform Fit Guidelines

Parents are strongly encouraged to be mindful of the pants and shorts purchased outside the CHA School Approved Vendors. It is important to make sure the fit and style are clearly within the guidelines indicated below:

  • Skirts and dresses must fall near the top of the kneecap or longer. Mid-thigh dresses or skirts are not permitted (with the exceptions of skorts).
  • Uniform pants and Friday jeans are not to be tight fitting nor tightly tapered to the ankle (no jeggings or leggings permitted).
  • Friday jeans are to be clean and free of designs, rips, or holes and must fit to the waist.

Lands’ End Fit Guide

Personal Grooming

  • Hair should not distract the educational environment of the classroom.
  • Hair should be natural-looking colors. Bright or neon-dyed hair colors on the full head are not permitted (blue, pink, red, etc.). *Hair colors and enhancements may be permitted on designated Spirit Week days.
  • Hairstyles must allow for clear vision for learning and facial visibility by others.
  • Facial/body piercings are not allowed (with the exception of girls’ earrings).
  • Head coverings of any type (such as hats, hoods, bandanas, etc.) may not be worn inside during the school day. Exceptions are permitted for medical or health conditions.
  • Headwear may be permitted on designated Spirit Week days.
  • Sunglasses are not to be worn in the building on the face or on top of the head.
  • Facemasks with the intent to limit the spread of illness and are not a distraction are permitted.

Friday Spirit Wear (Optional)

  • On Fridays all students may dress in CHA Spirit Wear tops (CHA athletic wear or options available on the CHA Spirit Wear website) to be worn with uniform bottoms, skirts, or jeans (see fit guidelines for jeans).
  • Students choosing not to wear Spirit Wear are expected to follow the M-Th dress code.
  • 8th Grade students are permitted to wear CHA flannel pants on Fridays only.

PE Uniforms (Grades 5-8)

Exclusively purchased through Game One or the CHA main office:

  • Girls or boys style dry-fit performance top with CHA athletic logo
  • Black athletic shorts with CHA athletic logo

What is the Cougar Closet?

The Cougar Closet is a collection of gently used uniforms that allows our families the opportunity to purchase discounted items year after year. Most items are priced from $5-$10. Items can be purchased through the front office. For details or questions please contact the Admissions Office.

Alternate Dress Days

CHA choir, band, and theater performances require a more uniform, formal attire, or costumes as established by the Music or Band Teacher. Students will be provided information ahead of time regarding these performances. Parents may also check the Fine Arts page on the CHA website Parent Corner for specific requirements www.chapel-hill.org/academics/arts

Classes may wear special attire for rewards or special focus days per the teachers’ discretion. Information and communication will be sent home from the teacher. ‘Pajama days’ are not permitted as classroom rewards.

Grades JK-4: *Required royal/cobalt top unless teacher advises otherwise for the trip

Grades 5-8: Teachers will establish the dress appropriate for each experience.

Extended field trips (overnights):  CHA uniforms are not required. Parents are expected to guide their student for packing clothing for appropriate weather, planned activities, and appropriate/modest fit.

Spirit Week is held in January each year and students are encouraged to show their school spirit while still following uniform policy guidelines:

  • The middle school leadership team will plan fun dress up days for each day of the week.

CHA School Approved Vendors

School Uniforms

Global School Wear

Please note – If you have ordered uniforms and they are not received by the start of school, your student is allowed to wear a plain white, navy, or royal blue polo until your uniforms arrive.

Game One*

*Uniforms are available to purchase through Game One at limited times throughout the year and will be announced in the Weekly Update and through CHA’s social media.   

Cougar Closet

Featuring used items in good condition and a limited number of new items. Items are available year-round to purchase at the CHA main office. 

Gym Uniforms

CHA Main Office/Cougar Closet**

**Gym uniforms are available year-round to purchase at the CHA main office. 

Spirit Wear

Sideline Store 


Please contact our Admissions Office