SchoolPass is an online tool designed to enable you to:

  • Report absences for your child
  • Set up a transportation plan for your child
  • Manage and report arrival and dismissal changes to the school
  • Automatically notify the correct staff, teachers, and other parents when changes are reported
  • Self-manage authorized driver lists
  • Help the school prepare for an organized and timely dismissal process

Get Started with SchoolPass

Download & Log In to SchoolPass

Whether this is your first time logging into the SchoolPass Parent Student App, or you might be experiencing difficulties logging into the app, please follow the steps below to ensure you have the most up-to-date version installed on your phone, as well as troubleshoot any login difficulties.

  • Take note of which model phone you are using (for example, iPhone 11 Pro or Samsung Galaxy S20)
  • Check if your phone operating system is up to date, and if there’s an outstanding update, please download and install it

Updating iOS on iPhone

Updating OS on Android

  • Install or update to the latest version of the SchoolPass Parent App

Download/Update from Apple Store

Downlod/Update from Android & Google Play Store

  • If you were emailed a temporary password, please enter that along with your email address to log in
  • If you do not have a temporary password, or have forgotten your password, click “Forgot Your Password?” on the home screen to be sent a temporary password.
  • If you were previously having issues logging in and have just updated your phone or app as recommended in steps 1 through 3, please try logging in again now.



Should you continue to experience issues, please reset your password on the Parent App home screen by clicking “Forgot Your Password?” and using the email address your school has on file.

  • Perform a search in your inbox or spam folder for an automated message from “SchoolPass.com” and subject line “Temporary Password”
  • Return to the parent app and sign in with the temporary password indicated in the email
  • Once logged in, reset your password on the “Profile” tab
  • If there is no email recognized, contact CHA to ensure that they have the correct email address for you

If you need further assistance, please send us a message at support@schoolpass.com with the following information:

  • Phone make (I.e. iPhone 11 Pro)
  • Phone Operating System version (I.e. 13.6.1)
  • SchoolPass Parent App version (I.e.
  • Name of school
  • Email address you are attempting to log in with
  • If there are any error messages, please attach a screenshot

Visitor Management

All Parents and Visitors will be required to check-in and check-out at the Main Office (Door 1) using the SchoolPass Visitor Management system.

Below are the instructions for signing in as a PARENT at the Main Office.

Below are the instructions for signing in as a VISITOR at the Main Office.

Drop Off & Pickup Buttons (Late Arrival, Early Pickup, and Carline)

The drop off and pickup buttons in SchoolPass app allow parents and authorized drivers to fulfill school requirements for arrival and dismissal, such as providing signatures, reasons for departure/late arrival, indication as to whether a student will return from an early dismissal, and more. CHA uses these buttons as a part of the daily dismissal process, and parents must use the Pickup option to notify students and staff that they are in the carline or have walked up to the front of the building, and are within a geo fenced area for dismissal.


Parents must use the drop off button to indicate that their child is arriving at school. If this is happening early or on-time, the app may or may not ask for a signature, depending on your school’s settings. Pressing Drop Off can ask for any or all of the following.

  • Reason
  • Notes
  • Signature


Schools with the pickup button may see one or all of the following options. Reasons, notes, and signatures may be required depending on your school’s settings.

Early Pickup – Pickup before regular dismissal

  • Reason
  • Will return?
  • Signature

Carline Check In – Announce your arrival in the carline. Using this button will display your name and the students’ names you are picking up for the day in all relevant homerooms, given those homeroom teachers are viewing the Carline page during dismissal. This button specifically indicates that you are in your vehicle and are awaiting student arrival at designated carline pickup areas at your school.

  • Allow SchoolPass to use location

Parent Pickup– Meet students in waiting area. Using this button will display your name and the students’ names you are picking up for the day in all relevant homerooms, given those homeroom teachers are viewing the Carline page during dismissal. This button specifically indicates that you are out of your vehicle and are standing in a designated area for pickup.

  • Allow SchoolPass to use location

      Making Changes

      How to make carpool changes

      How to make bus changes

      How to submit a late arrival for your student(s)

      How to submit an absence for your student(s)

      How to pick up your child(ren) early from school

      Microsoft Office 365

      Students enrolled at Chapel Hill Academy can sign up for Office 365 Education for free. Using their school issued email address and password, students can log into their school accounts at Office.com, where they’ll have access to Microsoft Teams, Word, PowerPoint, Excel, and so much more. From this home base, Office apps and Microsoft Teams can be accessed online or downloaded to a home or mobile device.


      How to scan documents to OneDrive

      Microsoft Teams for Education

      Microsoft Teams is a digital hub that brings conversations, content, assignments, and apps together in one place, letting teachers create vibrant learning environments.

      Within Teams, teachers can quickly converse with students, share files and websites, and distribute and grade assignments. Built-in end-to-end assignment management allows educators to organize interactive lessons and provide effective and timely feedback.

      Microsoft Teams can be accessed online or downloaded to a home or mobile device.



      Signing into Microsoft Teams for the first time

      How to view all assignments in Teams

      How to turn in Teams assignments

      Microsoft School Connection App for Parents and Guardians

      We are excited to introduce a powerful tool that will enhance engagement between our school and our valued parents – the School Connection app in Microsoft Teams.

      What is the School Connection app?

      The School Connection app in Microsoft Teams empowers parents and guardians to engage, support, and monitor their student’s learning at school. As a parent, you can stay up to date on your child’s:

      • Teams assignments: upcoming, overdue, or recently completed (Grades 5-8)
      • Teams assignment feedback, grades, or rubric feedback (Grades 5-8)
      • Teams insights from the past month on digital activity, and assignment turn-ins (Grades 5-8)

      Why You’ll Love It

      • Accessibility Easily access the app from your smartphone, making it convenient to stay updated on-the-go.
      • Transparency Parents gain insights into their child’s academic journey, promoting accountability and support.
      • Convenience Easily communicate with teachers by launching a new email directly from the app.

      Follow this link for details on getting started and FAQs: Teams School Connection App For Parents

      Educate Household Portal for Parents

      The Household Portal is a website used by families to view school and student specific information.

      To access the website, navigate to https://educate.tads.com and Sign In with your Username and Password.

      If you do not recall your password, you can click the Forgot Password? link, or connect with your school to have it reset.


      The Home page provides a quick overview of school and basic student information right when you log in. You can customize your view by clicking and dragging the sections, or widgets, to their desired locations. The Home page can always be accessed by clicking the Home button at the top of your screen.


      The Students page provides additional and more detailed student information than displayed on the Home page. To access the Students page, click School on the left, and then select Students from the dropdown options. Student information is broken into three sections on this page: AcademicSchedule, and Demographic. Click the section you are interested in for further options, such as Academic for Assignments or Report Cards.



      The Accounts page displays demographic information for yourself and your household and can be located by clicking your name in the upper right-hand corner and selecting Account from the dropdown options.


      Frequently Asked Questions Please Note: If you are unable to view or edit specific information, it may be that your school does not currently have this feature enabled, or your security settings may need to be adjusted. For more information on when this will be available, or to have your security permissions adjusted, you will need to contact your school.


      Chapel Hill Academy uses the group messaging app GroupMe for parents of each grade to communicate between each other. Using GroupMe allows us to streamline the connection and information process for parents as they move through the various grade levels at CHA.

      The email you listed as the primary household contact will receive an invitation from GroupMe. You will be assigned to your students’ grade levels.

      CHA groups such as Parents of Prayer, CHA Men’s Basketball and others can be joined and will populate alongside your grade-level group(s) once joined.

      GroupMe is a great way to stay connected and up-to-date with the current information for both activities and grade related events!

      Please contact Amy Paul, Director of Community Engagement, with any questions or concerns.

      GroupMe Features

      • Stay Organized Your CHA group chats stay organized and easily accessible from one place.
      • Control Notifications You’re in charge! Choose when and what type of notifications you receive. Mute specific chats, or the entire app – you can even leave the group.
      • Share Photos The gallery saves memories. Easily explore the photos and videos shared in your group now, or later.
      • Group Chat or Direct Messages With direct messages, you can use all the features you love for group chat, but one-on-one.
      • Schedule and Share Events Schedule gatherings and share them to the group. Members can easily access directions and add the event to their calendar with just a couple clicks (i.e. Outlook calendar).
      • Use GroupMe on Any Platform iOS, Android, Windows, or through the web groupme.com

      Lightspeed Relay Web Filter

      Lightspeed Relay Web Filter is installed on all CHA student devices. Once students have been issued their devices at the beginning of each school year, CHA parents of students in grades 4-8 will begin receiving weekly emails detailing their student’s internet activity (while using their CHA issued device whether it’s used on-campus or off-campus).

      By following the instructions detailed below, you can also have access to the Lightspeed Parent Portal. Our hope is that this tool will help parents work with their child(ren) to develop healthy habits and a good understanding of appropriate internet use.

      Lightspeed Parent Portal for Parents

      Lightspeed Parent Portal™ enables parents or guardians to support their student’s internet-based learning by monitoring their student’s most recent web browsing activity and temporarily limiting access.

      Each week, you will receive a Parent Report Email containing statistics about your student’s browsing activity.

      The weekly Parent Report Email will contain an invitation to Log In or Register for the Parent Portal. Click the button at the end of that email to get started.

      For additional information and detailed instructions on accessing the Parent Portal Dashboard, click here.