Fine Arts at CHA are thriving! Where each student discovers their God-given gifts and talents through Visual Arts, Music, Worship, Band, and Theatre.

Our focus at CHA is first and foremost to encourage our students to use their gifts to glorify God. We encourage students to pursue excellence in all they do as they grow in relationship with Christ. Our students foster creativity through studying the classics to learn what makes the arts great as they use their talents to be a leader and witness for Christ.

Fine Arts Offerings


Visual Art
Art History

General Music (JK – 4th)
Choir (5th – 8th)
Music Studies (5th – 8th)

Musical Theatre (7th – 8th)


Worship Team (5th – 8th)
Band (5th – 8th, individual lessons may begin in 4th grade)

5 Distinctives

1) Glorifying God

Our relationships with Christ come first at Chapel Hill Academy, and that is no more evident than in the Fine Arts program. Talents are God-given, and we foster those gifts to glorify our Creator.

2) Pursuing Excellence

Students are encouraged to excel at a high standard in all their pursuits. Whether we are studying standard artistic practices or examining new methods, our pursuit of excellence in fine arts is a distinctive offering here at Chapel Hill Academy.

3) Growing in Relationships

We foster growth in students’ relationships with God, their peers, and themselves. Fine Arts at Chapel Hill Academy take place in a team-oriented environment where students build character, confidence, and collaborative skills.

4) Fostering Creativity

God is the ultimate creator, and at Chapel Hill Academy we emulate that attribute by pursuing creativity ourselves! Students are given opportunities to study the creative process and develop their own individual creative skills.

5) Studying the Classics

Teaching a classics-based Fine Arts curriculum at Chapel Hill Academy means that students have the exciting opportunity to study what makes great art – great! We cover the best of the best, old and new, when it comes to visual art, music, and theatre.

Middle School Curriculum

Music Curriculum

Choir: Choir students learn to sing joyfully while studying a wide variety of music, ranging from classic masterpieces to pop standards.

Music literacy is also a large component to choral studies at Chapel Hill Academy. Students study how to read music through solfege, rhythm studies, sight reading, and listening. Choir classes are energetic, enlightening, and encouraging, as students collaborate to sing excellently!

Music Studies: As an alternative to Choir for seventh & eighth grade students, Music Studies covers a wide variety of general music and music appreciation curriculum. Students will study singing, music history, music theory, critical listening, and keyboarding.

Art Curriculum

With the knowledge that God is the Ultimate Artist and He is wildly creative in His work, middle school students will explore and discover their God given creativity through art classes at CHA. Students will apply their understanding of the elements of art to their projects. With the challenge to be biblically minded, each project will allow for student expression while being mindful of good use of art principles. Art projects will introduce students to many different mediums such as drawing, painting, graphics, collage, ceramics, wire, and other 3D materials. Many projects will connect with their core subjects such as language arts and history. Every student is considered an artist coming into class and has the understanding that we all are creative in our own ways.

Performance Calendar Overview

  • Grandparents Day
  • Veterans Day
  • Christmas Musical – Elementary
  • Christmas Concert – Middle School and Early Education
  • Family Worship Night
  • Band Solo & Ensemble Contest
  • Easter Chapel
  • Musical Theatre Performance
  • Fine Arts Showcase Concert
  • Graduations

Performance Attire

Grades JK-4 (unless otherwise noted for specific events)


  • Royal/Cobalt blue CHA shirt
  • Khaki or navy pants
  • Dark (brown or black) shoes


  • Royal/Cobalt blue CHA shirt
  • Khaki or navy pants/skirts
  • Dark (brown or black) shoes

Grades 5-8 (unless otherwise noted for specific events)


  • White, long-sleeved, button-up dress shirt
  • Dark/navy pants
  • Black dress socks (no ankle socks)
  • Dark (brown or black) dress shoes (no tennis shoes)
  • Bowtie (supplied by CHA)


  • Option 1: White, dressy blouse with navy skirt or dark/navy pants
  • Option 2: Navy Ponte dress (FYI, this item is no longer available to purchase from CHA’s uniform vendor)
  • Dark dress flats (no heels or tennis shoes)
  • Optional dressy scarf and jewelry

Band Lessons

Please contact Mr. George Runyan to schedule band lessons.

Junior Kindergarten

Our youngest CHA students in Junior Kindergarten are give the opportunity to try each area of Fine Arts. Exploring and discovering how to work together they grow in important life skills such as collaboration, memorization, patience, and persistence.

Grades K-4

K – 4th students at Chapel Hill are always excited to make music with their voices, hands & feet, percussion, and  recorders. Music literacy is a core component of the curriculum, so students are continually active when learning to read music.

Grades 5-8

Chapel Hill students in grades 5-8 have the joyous opportunity to study music in a choral setting in a curricular environment. Choral ensembles study various elements of singing, reading music, and critical listening.