Watching students grow in academic knowledge, personal responsibility, and Christ-likeness is at the heart of preparing our students to go deeper in discovering who God has created them to be.

Grades 1-4

In our primary and intermediate elementary grades our teachers set an example in faith and continue to build on the solid biblical foundation laid in the earlier years. As we look ahead to Middle School our student’s abilities in all core areas are strengthened through lessons that are engaging, relevant, and integrated with Biblical principles.¬†Preparing our elementary students to become faith-filled leaders who engage and impact our world.


Academics at CHA are strong and build on our student’s knowledge and abilities year-after-year.

Student daily review and focus on their Learning Targets which drive their understanding of content and ability to build on previous concepts. Our students build from learning to read to reading to learn- becoming independent thinkers and proactive learners.

Specialty Classes

Students Rotate between our Specialty Classes with a specialty teacher in each area for approximately 30 minutes:

  • Spanish
  • Physical Education
  • Art
  • Library
  • Music

Research Projects

Elementary Projects:

Grades 1-4 complete a research and writing paper.

The style and structure of Excellence in Writing guides our students through skills in research and in writing that build each year.

Extra Curriculuar




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Fostering Creativity

Grades 1-5 each have a grade specific experience that makes CHA unique!

  • Come along to 2nd grade and learn the books of the Bible through songs and actions
  • Jump into an old pastime as our 3rd grade students perform their springtime musical about the 50 states in “Nifty Fifty”
  • Visit the 4th¬†grade science fair, and more!

Expanding Skills

The elementary years are key to creating comprehension

  • Writing skills in language arts
  • Strengthening math skills and number sense
  • Developing problem solving skills and critical thinking in STEM
  • Supporting the core subject of Bible with the goal of seeing our students grow in their knowledge of the Word of God as well as their love for the Lord.

Channeling Curiosity

We want our students to ask questions about faith and life

  • Through daily instruction our teachers have the opportunity to enhance our elementary experience with biblical integration
  • Students receive daily support and prayer
  • We encourage parent involvement in the classroom and at home for consistent teaching and engagement