Fulfilling the Vision

Honoring the vision cast 25 years ago

We are grateful to alumni CHA families and donors for their gifts and prayers that
have impacted this ministry over the years. As a result of their support, today, our
students enjoy significantly enhanced facilities and learning opportunities. Looking
ahead, it is with that same spirit we call upon this current CHA community by
Fulfilling the Vision to complete Phase 3 and honor the vision cast 25 years ago.
Together, let us be part of God’s work by blessing future generations of families
committed to Christian education at Chapel Hill Academy.

Previous campaigns drew a great response from the CHA community; however,
the original vision is not yet completed! Aging facility issues remain and plans for
enhanced academic programming continue. As CHA pursues completing what began decades ago, school leaders have been prayerful and committed to following God’s leading to complete the third and final phase of building improvements.

In 2019, The Timothy Group, a Christian advancement organization, partnered with
CHA to explore the feasibility of completing Phase 3. Although the outcome of the
study was favorable among the school community, CHA’s leadership team prayed for
clarity and God’s timing. Despite the need for further facility improvements, the
decision to wait became clear among the team; God pressed upon our hearts to wait.
Just three months following that decision, COVID-19 struck and set us on a new
course of reliance on Him to focus on the unexpected needs of our school. The entire
process leading to this point in CHA history has been a testimony of God’s guidance
and protection over Chapel Hill Academy.

The following items reflect the Fulfilling the Vision campaign. In faith and wise stewardship, these final projects will be completed for CHA to be positioned well and respond to God’s direction for the future:

  • Demolition of the former parsonage space and garage (currently Junior Kindergarten)
  • Rebuild/renovate the Early Education area
  • Addition of two large music classrooms and storage
  • Physical Education/Multi-purpose addition
  • Physical Education equipment and bleachers storage

The Fulfilling the Vision campaign need is $3 million.

Opportunities to leave a legacy


  • Pray for Chapel Hill Academy and its eternal impact on the lives of young people.
  • Seek God’s will concerning your family’s participation in Fulfilling the Vision.
  • Share and encourage friends and family to support Christian education at Chapel Hill Academy.

Submit a Pledge or Gift

We are so grateful for your support of the Fulfilling the Vision campaign. If you feel called to financially support this campaign, please see the following options listed below.

Chapel Hill Academy is a designated 501(c)(3) nonprofit, private educational institution, and a tax-deductible receipt will be sent to the donor.

Submit a Pledge or Gift

Your support will allow CHA to complete what began decades ago and be positioned well to respond to God’s direction for the future.

What forms of giving are available?

Your Commitment is welcome in the form of:

  • Cash/Check/Credit Card
  • Appreciated Assets
  • Real Estate
  • In-kind Gifts
  • Securities

The following items are included in the Fulfilling the Vision project:


Classroom Concept

The Early Education program began following the Building a Legacy of Faith campaign in 2016. The space was originally designed as living quarters for St. Hubert’s clergy and later housed CHA administrative offices from 1998 to 2016. Minor renovations to the old parsonage reflect a warm and inviting learning environment for preschool aged children, yet this part of the building has required significant maintenance and must be replaced due to its age, condition, and accessibility. Phase 3, Fulfilling the Vision plans include demolition and reconstruction of a new, beautiful space designed for the unique needs of our young learners. The new Early Education wing will include three classrooms, restrooms, and equipment storage.

Music Classroom Concept

Facility expansion and renovations will provide the spaces needed to capitalize on the interest and vision for CHA Fine Arts. The plan includes music and band rehearsal classrooms, instrument storage, and added storage areas for fine arts performances.

Multi-purpose Space Concept

CHA’s growing student body requires more space for physical education, activities, and events. A fitness/multi-purpose space will be added on the north side of the locker room area will provide flexibly in PE scheduling and new opportunities for student and community use.

The 2016 project (Phase 2) included new restrooms in the gymnasium hallway. The restroom space was taken from PE equipment storage which resulted in challenges for our athletics and physical education programs. At the time of the 2016 project, the intention was to prioritize new storage space for equipment and bleachers. Phase 3 plans address these needs by including a sizable two-story/mezzanine equipment room with a slide in compartment for bleachers storage.